Our own production aluminum frame door systems are demanded especially by hospitals, hotels and large enterprises. The doors are extremely decorative and there is a wide range of options in wood or glass.

It has a structure that can be assembled and manufactured in a very short time and we have a substructure and production that can respond to all kinds of projects in a short time.

Interior Door System - INTERNO DOOR

Contents are quoted from Asistal website. The most up-to-date content is available on the Asistal website. Asistal Interior Door System INTERNO Door model.

Standart Serial 68 mm
Decorative Serial 68 mm
System Sill Width Narrow Serial 40 mm
Wide Serial 80 mm
Flat Serial 55 mm
Standart Serial 110 – 240 mm
Decorative Serial 105 – 240 mm
Wall Thickness Narrow Serial 95 – 300 mm mm
Wide Serial 200 – 310 mm
Flat Serial 95 – 210 mm
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